Regional Presentations

  1. Anatomy and evolution of the hip. Regional teaching, Southampton, February 2003.

  2. Experience of the FRCS Orth and Trauma exam. Regional registrar teaching, Southampton, December 2003.

  3. Bone Grafts, Bone Banking, Tissue Transplantation. Regional registrar teaching, Southampton. Feb 2004.

  4. Metallic Implants used in Orthopaedic Surgery and Airport Security Systems. Yates, Sergeant, Middleton. Poster Gauvain Society June 2004.

  5. Spontaneous Osteo-necrosis of the Knee. Yates, Stranks, Conn, Calder, Peppercorn, Thomas. Podium Gauvain Society June 2004.

  6. Iontophoresis of Antibiotics into Segmental Allografts. P Khoo, R Day, K Michalak, S Megson, P Yates, D Wood. Research meeting, Perth Orthopaedic Institute, Perth, September 2004.

  7. MACI and HTO. P Yates, D Wood, D Fick, B Robertson, M Zheng. Genzyme research meeting,

  8. Compartment Syndrome After Total Knee Arthroplasty. P Haggis, P Yates, D Wood. Perth Orthopaedic Institute, Perth, November 2004.

  9. Fracture of Modern Stainless Steel Stems. P Yates, N Quraishi, E Swartz, A Kop, D Howie, C Marx, D Wood. Perth Orthopaedic Institute, Perth, April 2005.

  10. Anatomy & Orthopaedics. P Yates. Department of Anatomy, University of Adelaide, South Australia. April 2005.

  11. Resurfacing. Heretics and Believers. P Yates, J Latham. S&N meeting, Perth, Western Australia. May 2005.

  12. Collarless polished tapered stem (CPT). Clinical and radiological follow-up at a minimum of 10 years. PJ Yates, BJ Burston, E Whitley, GC Bannister. South West Orthopaedic Club, Exeter, May 2006.

  13. Blood flow to the femoral head during hip resurfacing. A Khan, PJ Yates, RF Spencer, GC Bannister. South West Orthopaedic Club, Exeter, May 2006.

  14. Tumours and trauma in the tropics, Papua New Guinea Experience. PJ Yates. Fremantle Feb 2007.

  15. Resurfacing of the Hip. Fremantle 2007.

  16. Damage control orthopaedics. AO theatre staff symposium, Fremantle, 2007

  17. First results with PFNa. AOA, WA, 2007.

  18. Rapid discharge programme THR, TKR. Osborne Park Hospital. Health symposium, Perth 2007.

  19. Fractures around the hip. Bone school, Fremantle, 2008.

  20. Reliability of the intra-operative assessment of injuries of the ankle syndesmosis: A cadaveric study. Service registrar’s scientific papers. Wysochi, Stoffel, Yates. CTEC 2008.Fixation of posterior malleolar fractures. Service registrar’s scientific papers. Liddell, Erhardt, Yates. CTEC 2008.

  21. Early results of the PFNA in Western Australian teaching hospitals. Service registrar’s scientific papers. Nikoloski, Stoffel, Yates. CTEC 2008.

  22. Thompson’s hemiarthroplasty for fractured neck of femur in the 21st century. Service registrar’s scientific papers. Bauer, Yates, Zellegger, Skirving. CTEC 2008.

  23. Does the use of postoperative clexane affect wound healing in orthopaedic surgery. Service registrar’s scientific papers. Hill, Yates. CTEC 2008.

  24. Reinfusion drains. Service registrar’s scientific papers. Damon, Yates. CTEC 2008.

  25. RSA. Radiology CPD. Yates, Nivbrant. Fremantle 2008.

  26. Pelvic Fractures. AO theatre staff symposium, Fremantle, 2008.

  27. Innovations in Elective Joint Replacement. PJ Yates, Musculoskeletal Health Network 2nd Stakeholder Forum, Perth 2008.

  28. Revision hip arthroplasty. Case presentation. PJ Yates, Theatre nurse development, Fremantle Hospital 2008.

  29. Acetabular Fractures, Pelvic fractures, Proximal Femur fractures, Damage control Orthopaedics, Fractures around the knee. Bone school Feb-March 2009.

  30. Revision THR, Bone Loss, DVT/PE. Bone School June 2009.

  31. Outcome of resurfacing arthroplasty of the hip and the importance of femoral component size. A review of 8945 hip resurfacing procedures from the Australian Orthopaedic Association - National Joint Replacement Registry. Gareth H Prosser, Piers J Yates, David J Wood, Richard de Steiger, Stephen E Graves, David Davidson, Lisa Miller, Philip Ryan. AOA, Exmouth 2009.

  32. HTO. PJ Yates. Synthes theatre staff symposium, UWA, 2009.

  33. OA update hip and knee. PJ Yates. GP evening OPH, 2009.

  34. Revision Hip Overview. PJ Yates. Theatre nurses WA, 2009.

  35. Hip resurfacing arthroplasty and the importance of head size: A review of 8945 hip resurfacings from the Australian National Joint Registry. GH Prosser, PJ Yates, DJ Wood, R de Steiger, SE Graves, D Davidson, P Ryan, L Miller. Western Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific meeting 2009.

  36. Pelvic & acetabular fractures. Bone school March 2010.

  37. Zimmer cadaver trauma meeting. CTEC, WA, 2010.

  38. Gun shot injuries. Bone school April 2010.

  39. Ilioinguinal approach. Bone school, CTEC, WA 2010.

  40. THR for trauma. AO ORP, Perth, 2010.

  41. Pelvic fractures. WA nursing study day, Fremantle Hospital, 2010.

  42. Anatomy of the Hip. AOA Diploma anat, CTEC, WA 2010.

  43. Pelvic anatomy. AOA Diploma anat, CTEC, WA 2010.

  44. What I do and Why? SJOGM, 2010.

  45. Symposium on Bearings in Hip Relacement: Metal on Poly. Prosser GH. Western Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific meeting 2010.

  46. Radiographic distal tibia and fibula overlap: Is it always present? Sowman, WAAOA, 2011.

  47. A randomised study of hi-flex femoral component in TKR. Du Sart, WAAOA, 2011.

  48. Locking plate fixation of peri-prosthetic femoral fractures. Taheri. Hill medal for best presentation, WAAOA, 2011.

  49. The CPT stem: A 15 year outcome study. Burston, WAAOA, 2011.

  50. The Fremantle CT protocol for rotational malalignment in TKR. Wysocki, WAAOA, 2011.

  51. Acetabular fractures. Anatomy course, CTEC, Perth, 2011.

  52. TKR/UKR. Bone school, Fremantle, 2012.

  53. Controversies in THR. Bone school, Fremantle, 2012.

  54. ABC fellowship 2012. WA AOA, Bali, August 2012.

  55. The Surgical Anatomy of the Piriformis Tendon. PJ Yates, JJW Roche, R Khan, C Jones. WA AOA, Bali, August 2012.

  56. Validity of retrospective use of the Oxford Joint scores. Falconer T, Yates PJ. WA AOA, Bali, August 2012. Hill medal for best registrar presentation.

  57. Polyaxial screws and periprosthetic fractures. AO ORP meeting, Perth, October 2012.

  58. Radiographic and Clinical Analysis of Triple Pelvic Osteotomy for Adult Hip Dysplasia. Liddell AR, Prosser G. Western Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific meeting 2012.

  59. Elective Joint Replacement. UWA chronic pain seminar, UWA, Perth 2013.

  60. Damage control and debridement. Western Australian limb salvage symposium, Fremantle, 2013.

  61. Cemented options. Stryker hip meeting, Perth, 2013.

  62. Cemented failures. Stryker hip meeting, Perth, 2013.

  63. Early Mobilization Reduces LOS in THR. Ridley. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  64. LA Infiltration in TKR. Fletcher. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  65. Subcapital Fracture Fixation. Shaefer. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  66. Metal ions in THR vs TKR. Young. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  67. Adept MoM Hips. Plant WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  68. Captive Cups Pinnacle. Kulvir. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  69. PJI in Fremantle, 150 cases. Ben Clark. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  70. Tip apex distance in PFNa. Nicoloski. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  71. Oral TXA for TJR. Gareth Prosser. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  72. NCB in Periprosthetic Fractures. Nicoloski. WAAOA, Perth 2013.

  73. Enhanced Rehabilitation in Joint Replacement. Yates. ANZCA, Bunker Bay 2013.

  74. Revision for Infection. Yates. SJOGM. Nov 2013.

  75. Tranexamic Acid in THR and TKR. Prosser GH. Western Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific meeting 2013.

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