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For Health Professionals

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We hope you and your loved ones are well. Everyone here is well, and we are preparing carefully and responsibly to maintain your health.
With Coronavirus (COVID-19) becoming increasingly prevalent across the world we want to assure you that your wellbeing and that of our staff are our main priorities.

Useful information for Health Professionals.

X-ray protocols

These are the X-rays that we would usually order for patients coming to our clinics.
  • Hips—AP pelvis and lateral affected side
  • Knee—Weight bearing AP, Lateral, Skyline 30 degrees
  • Shoulder—AP, lateral and axillary.

Dental antibiotic cover after joint replacement

See AOA guidelines here.

Complications after surgery

  • Wound granulomas are common, and settle when the offending suture is removed.

  • Swollen calves after orthopaedic surgery are common. If worried, then ultrasound is an easy and safe investigation. Most below knee DVTs do not need treating specifically, but we would be happy to advise at any time.

  • Increasing swelling, pain, limitation of movement and wound drainage indicate infection could be a possibility. If worried please contact the rooms. We would rather see patients if possible, than empirical treatment to be started. CRP and ESR would be useful tests to do. Wound swabs are not useful as they represent contaminant skin flora.

Recommended Physiotherapists

Find a list of physios that we have had good experiences with here.
Orthopaedics WA is a no-gap provider for all major health funds.
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Practice Head Office
Orthopaedics WAMurdoch
Suite 15, Wexford Medical Centre
St John of God Hospital Murdoch
3 Barry Marshall Parade
Murdoch WA 6150
Tel: (08) 9312 1135
Fax: (08) 9332 1187
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Orthopaedics WAPerth
Suite 51, Mount Medical Centre
146 Mounts Bay Road
Perth WA 6000
Tel: (08) 9312 1135
Fax: (08) 9332 1187
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Office Hours: 9am–5pm
Monday to Friday (closed public holidays)
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