The Western Australian young adult hip unit

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We set up the young adult hip unit in 2010 at Fremantle hospital to offer the full range of joint preserving and joint replacing options for disease of the hip in younger patients.
The unit consists of Professor Piers Yates, and Clinical Associate Professor Gareth Prosser at Fremantle Hospital, who have a special interest in hip disease and its treatment.
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Hip disease in younger people is nearly always associated with deformity that in some cases is amenable to intervention that may reduce the chances of the hip failing and requiring replacement. These procedures are complex, and relatively new, however they give the possibility that the hip can be kept for many decades. These surgeries include femoro-acetabular impingement surgery (FAI), pelvic osteotomies (PAO), and proximal femoral osteotomies.

In patients where the joint is already too damaged for this type of surgery, the joint replacements needed are often quite complex, because of the deformity, and we offer the specialist expertise, techniques and implants to deal with these conditions.

The unit is currently based at Fremantle hospital and Orthopaedics WA at Murdoch.
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