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Fees and Billing

Photograph of Orthopaedics WA Reception area
Orthopaedics WA specialist are no gap providers for eligible patients (current Medicare card holders) with all major health funds that we have a No Gap agreement with. This means that there is no out of pocket expense for the procedure from the surgeon—and from many of the anaesthetists that we use for regular lists. This will be clarified when surgery is booked.

Initial consultation cost for most Specialists is $200

Follow up appointments are $100

There are no further costs for post-operative visits for the first 6 weeks, after which time the cost of each visit is $100.

Workers compensation and MVIT consultation fees will be sent direct to the insurer. However, if the claim number is not provided you will be responsible for settling the account on the day.

Blood tests

There is an out-of-pocket charge for blood tests.


X-rays as an inpatient are usually covered, but outpatient X-rays and CTs within the hospital have an out-of-pocket cost.
MRI costs vary considerably depending on where they are done. Please ask for more details.


Inpatient physiotherapy following most orthopaedic surgery is vital for the best outcome and you will be seen by a physiotherapist. The charges for this service are set by the physiotherapy company and vary depending on the individual needs. The amount of rebate from the health fund will depend on your fund and cover. Please discuss this with the physiotherapist for further details.


For ECG (heart tracings), we use WA cardiology, as appointments are not needed. There is a charge above the Medicare rebate.

Medical reports and insurance forms

Medical reports and insurance forms are charged at a rate representing the time taken to complete the forms.

Payment methods

Full payment at the appointment time is appreciated. Cash or credit cards are acceptable means of payment. For bank and personal cheque please make prior arrangements with the reception.
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Practice Head Office
Orthopaedics WAMurdoch
Suite 15, Wexford Medical Centre
St John of God Hospital Murdoch
3 Barry Marshall Parade
Murdoch WA 6150
Tel: (08) 9312 1135
Fax: (08) 9332 1187
Email Us

Orthopaedics WAPerth
Suite 51, Mount Medical Centre
146 Mounts Bay Road
Perth WA 6000
Tel: (08) 9312 1135
Fax: (08) 9332 1187
Email Us

Office Hours: 9am–5pm
Monday to Friday (closed public holidays)
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Photograph of typical examination room

Typical examination room